Acquisitions FAQ

  • How do I contact VCA to sell my practice?

    To contact VCA about selling your practice, please fill out the form here to request more information.

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  • How long does the sale process take?

    60 to 90 days after we receive a signed Letter of Intent.

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  • How does VCA pay for hospitals?

    Purchases are paid 100% with cash.

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  • What is VCA’s have criteria when considering a hospital to purchase?

    VCA looks for practices generating $1.3 million in annual sales and 2 full time DVMs.

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  • Does VCA buy emergency/specialty hospitals?

    Yes.  We buy 24hour emergency and specialty practices.

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  • Do I continue to work at my practice after VCA purchases it?

    Yes.  We ask a selling veterinarian to stay on for a minimum of 12 months after the acquisition.

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  • Does VCA retain my hospital staff?

    Yes. We look to retain all employees.  Our retention rate is 95%.

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